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Imperfect Manifestor Podcast

Jan 27, 2020

In episode 29, I’m talking to Megan McAvoy Matte. Megan is a high-Level Mindset Coach, Business Strategist, and a published author in the book The Assertive and Empowered Woman. After learning how to change her mindset and improve her sales process, Megan won multiple Sales Excellence Competitions, a Business-Builder Award (for those who can build businesses fast), and was asked to speak on stages in front of hundreds of women to inspire and impact them to do the same.

Megan had already successfully built and managed a multi-million dollar client base, then sold that book of business by the time that she was 31.  All of this after feeling like a total failure, dealing with major fear and anxiety, having only $1 in the bank, and not turning on the heat in her house for 3 months because she kept hearing "no's" or attracting low-level clients.

Success can come quickly, and your results can change drastically when you know how to really change your mindset to grow your business. 

Today, Megan coaches women around the world to create the life and business of their dreams. Clients overcome the limiting beliefs that hold them back from success and learn proven business strategies that create profitable results on repeat.

Want to know more about Megan?

You can find her at: